Congress for India is the goal of every Indian to achieve the global aspirations of India and to make India a powerful country as a key player and decision maker at the global stage.
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From: Mehroz Khan
“It is with great honour and pride that we are starting Congress for India. I took an initiative to start this forum with my friends, with the aim and vision of having a platform which would highlight the achievements and progressive policies of the Congress Party and the Congress Government. In addition, as a Congressman I visualised an avenue where the general public especially the youth, intellectuals and individuals of our country will be made aware of the democratic, secularistic and socially responsible objectives and functions of the Congress Party. It is our intention to see to it that our party’s ideals attract the next generation of upcoming leaders and fresh young blood to join and support the Congress.

We believe that ‘The party, its ideals and goals come first and everything else is secondary’. It is our intention that this forum will help groom the younger generation and upcoming politicians into individuals who are well-informed on the Constitution of India and well-educated on their responsibilities towards society and the nation as a whole. Furthermore, we also wish that through this forum our Congress elected representatives, leaders, party workers and the general public will educate themselves on the various policies and issues, by listening to expert opinions on them either through online programs or face-to-face interactions. Only a well-informed individual will initiate a change!

We hope our forum will help people choose more wisely and also promote the active participation of the general public, especially educated voters in the electoral process of our nation, as an educated individual who is made aware of its importance can bring about a change and also help spread awareness of the significance of voting amongst the general public .This forum is a means of reaching out to the GenX of our country; it is in their hands that the future of our great nation lies.

I was contemplating on ways to introduce a change, when the idea of starting the forum hit my mind. I communicated my thoughts to my like-minded friends, who whole-heartedly supported me and even gave in their own inputs on how the forum should be like, what it should stand for and what it should represent. I feel humbled and fortunate enough to have their constant support and encouragement throughout. We were able to turn our dream into a reality. We hope our small endeavour contributes to the development of our nation and our party. We always hear people mentioning, all the political class does it make empty promises. We beg to differ; we are doers and executers, we practice what we preach, all we need in return is the cooperation of each and every individual in helping us fulfil our commitments. It is easier to speak, but when it comes to action only a handful stand out! I call upon the youth, intellectuals and like-minded individuals to join our forum by registering in the ‘Support Congress for India’ page and participate in heralding a new dawn which will drive our nation on the path of progress and development. ”

Mansoor Ali Khan
“It is with great satisfaction and hope that we are starting Congress for India forum. When my very good friend Mr. Mehroz Khan approached me with an idea to start a venture that would highlight the progressive policies of the Congress party and Congress Government, in addition to attracting the intellectuals and younger generation to the party, I gave my hundred percent support for it. India and Congress has been inter-twined together for the last 130 years. Through this portal, we want the younger and older generation to know more about the Congress culture and leadership. I hope this platform does exactly that and helps the common public to have a better understanding of the Congress party.

We realized that the need of the hour is to have a new generation of young and upcoming politicians who are well-versed, and extremely knowledgeable not only on their social and national responsibility, but also who understand the real-hidden message enshrined in the democratic and secularistic ideals of our nation’s Constitution, in addition to exhibiting other overall traits of an effectual and result-oriented leader. Hence we intend to emphasize on training and guiding them through orientation programs, online and face-to-face interactions with political experts, renowned senior politicians and management gurus. Furthermore, we also wish to open this forum to our Congress elected representatives, party workers, leaders and most-importantly the general public to educate and familiarize themselves with the various policies and measures of our people-friendly government, additionally interacting and listening to opinions of experts on various issues.

Another problem that exists in our society is the non-participation of educated voters in the democratic election process. They are disillusioned with the whole voting process. We want to ensure they realise the importance of voting for the right individual and its impact on the nation’s progress.

Congress is a party of the aam aadmi, and it is the common man’s welfare and the nation’s progress that comes first for us. We wish to highlight this point through our forum.

We have often heard people complain about our country’s political class. If you really want to initiate a change and work for a better nation, then come join us by registering on the ‘Support Congress for India’ page and let us together initiate the change. Remember words mean nothing, its action that matters."

Dr.Harish S
“It is with immense pleasure and hope we are starting Congress for India forum. I take this opportunity to thank my very good friend and fellow Congressman, Mr. Mehroz Khan for inviting me to be a part of this forum. Many individuals would always ask me questions like: What the Congress party stands for? What are its ideals? What are the policies formulated by the Congress government for the benefit of the people? I always had a thought in my mind that we need to start some kind of online forum which will highlight the pro-people policies of the Congress government and provide information on the Congress party’s ideals and progressive works to the general public. Now am glad that the dream has turned into a reality.

As a doctor, it’s been my life-long dream not only to provide free medical care and make it freely available to the people in the rural areas but also to encourage the active participation of rural youth and farmers in the democratic process of our nation. A considerable percentage of our nation’s youth reside in villages, their voice needs to be heard and addressed in our democracy. This forum will provide them and our farmers with an opportunity to address their opinions on various issues and also to highlight their problems to the elected representatives and appropriate government bodies. We wish this forum inspires for both the rural and urban population to actively participate in our country’s democratic process.

A nation’s future is shaped by its citizens. Voting is the fundamental right and responsibility of every Indian. We want to highlight the importance of participating in the democratic electoral process, especially among the educated voters through this forum.

We wish to initiate a wave of progress and responsible development of our nation through our forum. I request the youth, intellectuals and like-minded individuals who want to work for the progress of the nation to join us by registering on the ‘Support Congress for India’ page and walk hand-in-hand initiating a change. Remember the power of change lies in your hands!”
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