Congress for India is the goal of every Indian to achieve the global aspirations of India and to make India a powerful country as a key player and decision maker at the global stage.
Aims and Objectives
  • Create awareness among the voters on the need to actively participate in the electoral process and its impact on our democratic set up and nation’s progress. This includes clearing the confusion on why to vote, the right individual to vote for and importance of voting, especially concentrating on the educated voters who are disillusioned and lag behind in the voting process.
  • Encouraging individuals, intellectuals and youth to join and support the Congress party, in addition to adopting its secular and democratic values.
  • Creating awareness of various programmes and policies of the Congress party amongst its leaders, members and the common public.
  • Grooming young and upcoming leaders to become able leaders through training and orientation programmes on personality development, management methods, media approach, handling public, inter and intra state relations, mass approach, maintaining the sanctity of our democratic institutions, imbibing democratic values and obligations towards the society and country.
  • Conducting orientation and training programmes for the elected representatives to have a social vision and complete knowledge of our nation’s constitution. Furthermore to also educate them on their social responsibilities.
  • Interactions and discussions with cross-sections of people through panels headed by renowned politicians, political experts and management gurus. This can be done by setting up dedicated panels, each concentrating on their own specific issues and appointing leaders with a thorough understanding of the issues as their heads like: a women’s panel headed by a renowned lady politician to address women’s issues, a youth panel headed by a young parliamentarian to address problems of youth, an agriculture panel headed by a recognized farmer turned politician to address problems of farmers, a student panel headed by a well-known student leader to address issues of students, a panel to address the problems of industrial workers, laborers and all other political and social related matters. The inkling being to bring together cross-sections of society into a single-fold to support and participate in the programmes and policies of the Congress party.
  • Creating awareness of the Congress party and its programmes through various platforms, be it visual or print media, interactive sessions, online forums, awareness camps etc. amongst the rural and urban masses.
  • Supporting and assisting the party candidates to conduct an effective election campaign including media management, efficient campaign trail and comprehensive election management.
  • Conducting orientation and training programmes for the elected representatives at all levels-Gram Panchayat, Zilla Panchayat, Urban bodies, State Bodies and National bodies on personality development, media management, handling public, inter and intra state relations, mass approach, imbibing democratic values and social responsibility towards the society and country.
  • An online interactive forum of experts in different areas. The idea being to provide an avenue for the elected representatives to educate themselves on various issues and policies and listen to expert opinions on such matters. This could be both online or conducting programs and sessions for a face-to-face interaction
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